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our history

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Steelepitt Development Limited is owned and operated by Junior and Yanisha Pitt, who have a proven track record as entrepreneurs, who see opportunities and grasp them to make them work even if there are hurdles to overcome.


The owners of Steelepitt Development Limited have been involved in construction, photography and have been very active in the Tourism Sector (for the past 12 years) and now in Trelawny operating: Roi’s Lagoon Attraction - An Event Location and Tourism Attraction which offers aquatic activities on the Lagoon which borders the property to the north as well as providing rest stop facilities, food and a gift shop/art gallery;


This Lagoon Attraction offers its visitors guided tours of the lagoon on Kayaks and Hydro-bikes and targets cruise ship visitors, landside tourist and locals.  The tours are conducted by environmentally friendly means and offer exploration of the Lagoon, which is a natural spawning ground for tropical fish and birds and which is a showcase of mangrove swamps that serve to reclaim lands and break surges during periods of heavy weather. 


In addition to the activities at Roi’s Lagoon, the company has added a beach location under the brand “ Blue waters beach club, we Jammin” which is offered as an all inclusive beach filled with food, drink and entertainment, this is an activity that is in high demand by the cruise shipping companies. Steelepitt is proud to announce that in just 12 months of operation it has carried over 30,000 foreign guests and approximately 5000 local guests to its Beach location.



1.2       Business Objectives


The objective of this business is to implement projects that will enhance the tourism product of Jamaica and in particular the product as it relates to Falmouth/Trelawny, which is projected to host 3,000 to 7,000 visitors from Cruise Liners visiting that port on any given Ship Day.  It is anticipated that tourist coming in on Cruise Liners will total over 800,000.  These persons will visit Falmouth and surrounding areas over the 2016/17 Cruise Ship Season and stimulate the economy of the town and surrounding communities. 


In order to provide the visitors with activities while in Falmouth there has been a drive on to improve and expand attractions to provide the visitors with an exciting/interesting and fulfilling day in the port/Jamaica.  These attractions will also be attractive to landside tourists and create job opportunities for residents.